SmartDeFi Ecosystem

Introducing the first-ever frictionless token with its trading and liquidity, all within a single ecosystem! There is no longer a need to pick where to host trading. On-Token-hosted trading can now be performed globally.

Elimination of Rugs (Finally.)

This code eliminates the ability to rug since its trading system is not hosted via a third party. The token contract now owns its liquidity, making it impossible to rug! Eliminating liquidity provider (LP) tokens while fully empowering safe liquidity.

Routing Feature

All SmartDeFi and FEGex pairs can send and receive SmartFunds to and from each other. This allows Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Swap-to-Swap (S2S) transfers of SmartFunds anywhere within FEGex and SmartDeFi networks.


SmartSwap technology has been added inside the token hosted swap protocol offering record gas savings. Swing or day trading can be done inside the On-Token Swap protocol, providing countless savings while frequently trading.

On-Token Swaps

ROX Token hosts its trading systems while owning its liquidity. No third-party swap protocol is ever needed, ensuring trading can never be interrupted for any reason. Birthing unstoppable financial ecosystems with endless potential!

Blended Hosting

Current swaps on FEGex can still host ROX Token trading via its user interface by interacting with the token’s systems. Any website or swap in the world can seamlessly integrate ROX Token trading user interfaces since liquidity is token hosted.

Directly Rewards FEGstake

The same 0.12% sell fee built within FEGex that rewards FEGstake is built inside SmartDeFi tokens, which supports the increase in rewards within the FEG Token ecosystem.

Evolutional DeFi Movement

ROX Token will work with future tokens to help them integrate into the SmartDeFi evolution utilizing this advanced codebase. This will ensure that the future of DeFi is not only smarter but also safer for all holders, users, and token ecosystems.

Frictionless Rewards

Every transaction of ROX Token delivers 1% rewards directly to all holders frictionlessly. ROX Token will compound in your wallet every second of every day for eternity.

Focused on FEG Token Development

100 ROX will be burnt into a perpetual faucet and only the rewards can be claimed. 100% of these rewards will go towards funding the development team of the FEG Token ecosystems. This will allow FEG Token to expand its teams exponentially and ensure that FEG is the real 800-pound gorilla of DeFi!!

Smart Rising Price Floor

ROX Token offers the smartest raising of the price floor ever built. Since the ROX Token contract owns its liquidity, the 0.1% swap sell fee is directly used to increase the price floor. This is seamless and does not require additional transactions. As a result, traders pay no gas fees while this process completes.


ROX Token’s trading ecosystem was built to run seamlessly with fWrap-based assets. This means that all trading performed universally on the same base assets provides positive price pressure on ROX. Since the base fWrap collects rewards, the rewards originate from the token’s liquidity, giving a perpetual price increase.




Every SmartDeFi token is fully backed by its base asset, guaranteeing the tokens’ baseline value is secured from suffering loss. Base assets are what assets the tokens are traded against (for example, fBNB/fETH). A set percentage of every BUY/SELL is given to the asset-backing pool. This asset-backing pool is secured inside the SmartDeFi tokens’ smart contract. This results in a perpetual increase of the SmartDeFi tokens’ baseline value. The asset-backing can be recovered instantly by burning SmartDeFi tokens for their share of asset-backing. This guarantees that every SmartDeFi token will always have value, regardless of the market price. The baseline value will always increase with every BUY/SELL, resulting in the formation of a baseline value that can never decrease. (Seriously.) The baseline value of every SmartDeFi token can never go down—it can only go up! Since all SmartDeFi tokens are based on fWrap technology, their market price even rises when there is zero (0) volume. SmartDeFi "DeFi"es the laws of physics, when any tokens are sold the baseline value goes up instead of down.

SmartDeFi also helps to eliminate pump-and-dump schemes. With the baseline value being transparent, buyers know what the risk ratios are even before trading. Since you can accurately determine the tokens’ future baseline value via the trading volume, we can finally answer the question "wen moon.”

If the market price ever drops below the baseline value, you can arbitrage the burn for asset-backing, which will keep the market price in line with the baseline value. All holders will have 100% comfort in holding SmartDeFi tokens since the baseline value will never lower—even if the market price drops to zero (0)!

As a result, SmartDeFi tokens are not only unruggable but also are 100% backed by assets that guarantee their value. When SmartDeFi tokens burn for their backed asset, it creates a “black hole” that burns more and more tokens automatically and effortlessly over time. Burnt tokens forward their backing to remaining tokens, increasing the backing per token faster.

How does the asset-backing work?
The asset backing per token will only increase - it can never decrease!
All buys and sells fund the asset-backing pool directly inside the token contract. This backing can only be removed by burning your SmartDeFi token.


of how the asset-backing will increase!

(Figures are based on the USD value of BNB not changing and a supply of 1,000 ROX. If BNB increases over time, then results will yield more.)

1,000 ROX (Total Supply)
5% of volume allocated for backing
Every $1m volume adds $50,000 to asset-backing

RESULTS based on example:
After $1m volume:
$50,000 / 1,000 = $50 per token total backing

After $100m volume:
$5,000,000 / 1,000 = $5,000 per token total backing

After $1b volume:
$50,000,000 / 1,000 = $50,000 per token total backing

If volume is $10m per day for 1 year:
$182,500,000 / 1,000 = $182,500 per token total backing

If volume is $1b per day for 1 year:
$18,250,000,000 / 1,000 = $18,250,000 per token total backing

If volume is $1b per day for 10 years:
$180,250,000,000 / 1,000 = $180,250,000 per token total backing

More great news! Anyone can deploy their own SmartDeFi token with FEGdeployer!

FEG Token

FEG Token is redesigning the way decentralized finance is structured. FEG Token is focused on reshaping and evolving how DeFi operates completely while delivering the most robust ecosystem ever designed for DeFi's much-needed advancements. One of the fastest-growing lifeforms on the planet.


The most advanced DeFi trading ecosystem and user interface ever created. FEGex is the all-in-one DeFi trading protocol. Designed to host trading contract interactions with the most user-friendly features ever created and bring into existence reward systems with unmatched potential.


fWrap technology allows every token created to have frictionless rewarding ability without changing codes. This is a SmartSwap technology that allows for multiple ways to utilize swapping. SmarterContracts token-hosted trading ecosystems eliminates the reliance on third-party hosting.